How To Zombify Your T-Shirt Design

Now I know that every video we do on here is supposed to be t-shirt related but this time, that is not the case. We came across a video of the “zombification” process by Shalimar Luis that we think is a must-see for all t-shirt designers. The zombie theme is as strong as ever and this video can help you sharpen that tool in your design toolbox.

Shalimar is a great designer and her portfolio proves that. Thanks for the help with the zombie style because we’ve always wondered the workflow on that design process.

Benny Gold Has The Midas Touch

Everything this guy does looks gold, err…I mean good. Benny Gold, if you haven’t heard of him yet, is a very accomplished apparel designer living in California. He has done work for Nike, Huf, and others all while creating and growing his own brand appropriately named – Benny Gold. He has gotten big but the beauty of it is…he is still willing to design for the little guys if they have the vision and the right amount of bread.

This video of Benny Gold gives a little insight to what makes him go. He mentions how he breaks through a designer’s block with skateboarding and he gives a lot of credit to his alma mater – Savannah College of Art and Design. I am sure that they are equally as proud of him.

Making Tees at Howies

Here is a t-shirt being made at Howies. The cool part is the added philosophy of the narrator while showing the shirt being printed. Howies is a company out of England that started small in 1995 and has grown organically. Their style is simple and clean and they have a very indie feel about them. Check out the video and get a sense of what Howies is all about:

the making of a t-shirt from howies on Vimeo.

How To Re-Fashion Old T-Shirts by Threadbanger

While there are a lot of things you can do with t-shirts when they have met their retirement, this has to be one of the coolest options. This is a way to turn an old tee into some pretty fancy gear. It appears pretty simple, as long as you have some intermediate skills with a sewing machine. It is brought to you by Threadbanger and these guys know a thing or two about sewing.

The basic premise is to cut out the design from one of your favorite tees and sew it on to a long sleeved button-down. Watch the video and see what ideas you can come up with for a t-shirt remix.

The Black Axe Masking Tutorial

I really can’t say enough about the peeps at the Black Axe and their design prowess. They just created a short video tutorial on a lesser known but extremely effective trick in Illustrator. It covers how to use masking and transparency so you can achieve more depth in your design. It is great for giving your art the appearance that it can move fluidly through each layer of the design from front to back.

I for one was very familiar with masking in Photoshop but had not seen a tutorial for this in Illustrator. It was a double whammy since it happens to be about t-shirt design. Way to go fellas, please keep them coming.

Masking & Transparency in Illustrator from The Black Axe on Vimeo.

Coty Announces the Found Item Winner

Just wanted to take a quick second to give a shout out to our blogger-friend Coty Gonzales as he makes his announcement for the Found Item clothing giveaway. One of the winners is a first time winner after entering all of Coty’s previous contests, so good for him. Persistence pays off!

These contests are a win/win for everybody including the clothing line, Coty and the contest winner. More clothing lines ought to propose this to the famous tee bloggers out there.

Shirt Fight Is Changing Their Biz Model

For those of you familiar with the t-shirt design contest site Shirt Fight, this may come as a little surprise to you. They recently announced that they are going to have one more contest and then they are completely changing their business model to no longer having contests. Is that the same thing as saying they will no longer having any Shirt Fights? I guess it is.

Not sure what their future holds but we will have to tune in to see. They seem to be excited about the new ideas they have and hopefully it will be a game changer. It will be neat to see something different in this space that hasn’t been done before. Check out the announcement via their YouTube t-shirt video here:

10 Deep Fall 09 Lookbook

Look book videos are always fun to watch. They are created as a reflection of the upcoming offerings by the brand that produces it. This is a chance for the brand to go out on a limb and show some personality or edginess. I know this isn’t the typical video that we would have on here but I want to include it so the smaller/newer lines can be inspired and possibly emulate those that came before them.

This particular lookbook vid is brought to you by the street brand 10 Deep.

10. Deep Fall 2009 Preview Trailer from 10 Deep on Vimeo.

Co-Tee TV X Cottonable

Two of the t-shirt blogging powerhouses have joined forces to create the latest edition of Co-Tee TV. Cottonable and Coty Gonzales are two of the t-shirt experts on the web and it’s awesome to see them teaming up to bring the latest and greatest in the tee world. And if that wasn’t enough, they even sweetened the deal by including a contest to give away tees!

Please visit Coty’s site to view the details on how you can win the 4 t-shirt being given away. The contest ends tomorrow!

Co-Tee TV Episode 27: The Cottonable Episode! from Coty Gonzales on Vimeo.

NerdyShirts NerdyShort

Nerd T-Shirt site NerdyShirts just released their first ever nerdyshort, which is their way of saying a short video. This vid is pretty clever and a cheap but effective way to gain some attention. It looks like it was filmed in a Sam’s Wholesale/Costco type warehouse so there was no cost on the set either.

What kind of expensive video camera did they use? An iPhone. Ha! These guys are good. I wonder what is scheduled in the future for the next nerdyshort. We’ll be here to post it as soon as they do.

NerdyShort 1 from NerdyShirts on Vimeo.