Somewhat Frank Tours Threadless’ Boulder Office

If you have been to this site before then you probable recognize Somewhat Frank from my last post if you didn’t already know him. My last post included his video tour of the t-shirt selling behemoth Threadless’ main Chicago headquarters. Not too long ago they branched out and opened a Boulder office and Frank made sure he checked it out as well.

Same theme here with the Threadless guys/gals showing us just how amazing they are not only on the web but at their offices too. They have been cutting edge on the online front and have made many of us drool over their working digs as well. Check out the Boulder office in the t-shirt video tour below: Boulder Office Visit from Frank Gruber on Vimeo.

Somewhat Franks Tours Threadless

Frank Gruber,  a very popular and authoritative web personality known for his broadcasts on Somewhat Frank, personally toured the Threadless warehouse in Chicago. You have probably seen one of these tours before because the skinnyCorp headquarters is legendary in the tech community. The employees at Threadless have a great time at work and all have very similar fun/joking personalities.

The video is inspiring for anyone in the t-shirt community because their meteoric rise to success has afforded them some awesome toys and opportunities. One of these perks would include an on-staff graffiti guy to create murals on their walls. *Note to self…gotta get one of those.

Hide Your Arms Makes It Rain

As I was doing a little T-shirt video search across the various aggregate video sites, I came across a short video that was nothing like I was looking for.  I immediately recognized the guy in the video as Andy, the t-shirt blogging ninja from Hide Your Arms.  I am almost certain, if you have found this site, then you are well aware of his t-shirt blog.  It has been and still is one of the top destinations on the internet for t-shirt blogging.

I am sure that he did this for fun and it should put a little smile on your face for this Thursday afternoon.  The guy has so many t-shirts he can make it rain. :)

It’s Raining T-Shirts! from Andrew Bowness on Vimeo.

Godmachine Shows Us Color Separations

There aren’t many t-shirt designers on the same level of Godmachine. The guy is a designing machine for sure. His work is amazing and apparently his knowledge in Photoshop is equal to that. He has created an action for color separations that can be thrown into your actions window of Photoshop. Using this automation for color separations can increase your speed and efficiency when it comes to such a gruesome task.

Where can you get the action? Well, he did this video for The Black Axe blog and they have the action for download there. The Black Axe blog is another great website for resources and t-shirt printing information. We had to add it to our feed reader when we came across it and think you should too.

Co-Tee TV: Episode 24

Time for another installment of Co-Tee TV as he covers a few indie t-shirts and a design from Design by Humans. You would have to be crazy to not send him a sample tee with the hopes of a review on his weekly vlog. Once again, thanks for the hard work Coty.

How to Draw Snake Scales for a Tee Design

Drawing snake scales is not easy. I didn’t realize this until Derek of the Black Axe Blog did a video showing me just how hard it can be. Of course he makes it look real easy but I can see right through that. Just look at the rest of his design, it is phenomenal. Drawing the snake scales compared to the rest of the t-shirt design should be a walk in the park.  :)

It’s cool to see his design flow and process and you can gain insight to just how much work and time go into these tee designs. He makes a comment about the hours that go into each part of the design and you can just imagine how much time goes into the whole piece. Look at how many scales are on that bad boy!

How To Draw Snake Scales from The Black Axe on Vimeo.

Go Media’s How To Create A T-Shirt Mockup

Go Media has solidified its position as one of the top design firms for the web and especially the t-shirt space. They create a tremendous amount of vector artwork for purchase in their arsenal and share their wealth of knowledge in the t-shirt design community. Their GoMediaZine (regularly updated blog) is one of the top design destinations when it comes to artwork tutorials, design freebies, and template creation.

I was very pleased to see their presence on Vimeo because that means they don’t mind sharing their awesome videos with the rest of us. This video is how to create a realistic t-shirt mockup so you can properly display your wears across the web and in print. Watch and learn from the best:

How to Create Realistic T-Shirt Mockups from Go Media on Vimeo.

Tattoo Style Speed Painting by The T-Shirt Factory

Speed painting is an understatement with this video. The T-Shirt Factory Blog goes into hyper warp speed showing us just how the designer accomplishes the popular tattoo style of design being seen on the Ed Hardy tees everywhere.

It is pretty cool to get to see how he gets from start to finish and all of the edits in between. He begins with a very rough draft and then proceeds to refine the design until it becomes a work of art. The details are amazing. Very good job and thanks for sharing that with us!

Tattoo Style Speed Painting from Tshirt Factory on Vimeo.

Coty Loves Threadless Episode #21

How lucky is Threadless to have Coty Gonzales, t-shirt blogger extraordinaire, doing an episode a week exclusively covering their shirts. The guy goes through each design and hands out winks to those that he likes. Threadless should be sending Coty shirts on a regular basis.

Nike’s New T-Shirt Gun

Leave it up to Nike to be absolutely over the top with the special effects.  This time they focused their efforts on some new t-shirt gun technology.  This commercial starts off with NFL superstar, Steven Jackson checking out a new shoe in a meeting with Nike’s product development.  Their meeting is interrupted by two Nike 6.0 snowboarders, Matt Ladley and Trevor Jacob.

These two clowns have futuristic t-shirt guns in their hands and are shooting each other with Nike sportswear t-shirts.  I don’t want to give away the punch line, so you just have to watch the video to see what happens when the t-shirts hit the person they were aimed at.