Shirt Fight Is Changing Their Biz Model

For those of you familiar with the t-shirt design contest site Shirt Fight, this may come as a little surprise to you. They recently announced that they are going to have one more contest and then they are completely changing their business model to no longer having contests. Is that the same thing as saying they will no longer having any Shirt Fights? I guess it is.

Not sure what their future holds but we will have to tune in to see. They seem to be excited about the new ideas they have and hopefully it will be a game changer. It will be neat to see something different in this space that hasn’t been done before. Check out the announcement via their YouTube t-shirt video here:

10 Deep Fall 09 Lookbook

Look book videos are always fun to watch. They are created as a reflection of the upcoming offerings by the brand that produces it. This is a chance for the brand to go out on a limb and show some personality or edginess. I know this isn’t the typical video that we would have on here but I want to include it so the smaller/newer lines can be inspired and possibly emulate those that came before them.

This particular lookbook vid is brought to you by the street brand 10 Deep.

10. Deep Fall 2009 Preview Trailer from 10 Deep on Vimeo.

Co-Tee TV X Cottonable

Two of the t-shirt blogging powerhouses have joined forces to create the latest edition of Co-Tee TV. Cottonable and Coty Gonzales are two of the t-shirt experts on the web and it’s awesome to see them teaming up to bring the latest and greatest in the tee world. And if that wasn’t enough, they even sweetened the deal by including a contest to give away tees!

Please visit Coty’s site to view the details on how you can win the 4 t-shirt being given away. The contest ends tomorrow!

Co-Tee TV Episode 27: The Cottonable Episode! from Coty Gonzales on Vimeo.

NerdyShirts NerdyShort

Nerd T-Shirt site NerdyShirts just released their first ever nerdyshort, which is their way of saying a short video. This vid is pretty clever and a cheap but effective way to gain some attention. It looks like it was filmed in a Sam’s Wholesale/Costco type warehouse so there was no cost on the set either.

What kind of expensive video camera did they use? An iPhone. Ha! These guys are good. I wonder what is scheduled in the future for the next nerdyshort. We’ll be here to post it as soon as they do.

NerdyShort 1 from NerdyShirts on Vimeo.

Retro Campaign’s Photo Shoot

A t-shirt clothing line named Retro Campaigns just released a cool little video short of a recent photo shoot. Their designs are based on American political history with the majority being previous Presidential campaign references.  They have shirts featuring JFK, RFK and even Ross Perot. Many of these are probably pretty nostalgic for the older folks.

The video shows their personality and it appears they have a good time with what they do. It’s simple, refreshing, and shows the human side of their line. Check it out:

Go Media’s Distressed T-Shirt Mockups Video

The previous video that we featured from Go Media showed you how to create realistic t-shirt mockups using their t-shirt template. This time we are going one step further. This t-shirt video will show you how to create distressed t-shirt mockups using their distressed t-shirt template. Just like always with Go Media, the work is unbelievable and the tutorial is very informative.

I definitely recommend purchasing these templates because they are so high quality. All the work is done for you and they’re blank canvases waiting for your masterpiece. Here’s how you get after it:

Amazing Distressed T-Shirt Mockups in 3 minutes or less from Go Media on Vimeo.