Go Media’s Distressed T-Shirt Mockups Video

The previous video that we featured from Go Media showed you how to create realistic t-shirt mockups using their t-shirt template. This time we are going one step further. This t-shirt video will show you how to create distressed t-shirt mockups using their distressed t-shirt template. Just like always with Go Media, the work is unbelievable and the tutorial is very informative.

I definitely recommend purchasing these templates because they are so high quality. All the work is done for you and they’re blank canvases waiting for your masterpiece. Here’s how you get after it:

Amazing Distressed T-Shirt Mockups in 3 minutes or less from Go Media on Vimeo.

Godmachine Shows Us Color Separations

There aren’t many t-shirt designers on the same level of Godmachine. The guy is a designing machine for sure. His work is amazing and apparently his knowledge in Photoshop is equal to that. He has created an action for color separations that can be thrown into your actions window of Photoshop. Using this automation for color separations can increase your speed and efficiency when it comes to such a gruesome task.

Where can you get the action? Well, he did this video for The Black Axe blog and they have the action for download there. The Black Axe blog is another great website for resources and t-shirt printing information. We had to add it to our feed reader when we came across it and think you should too.

Go Media’s How To Create A T-Shirt Mockup

Go Media has solidified its position as one of the top design firms for the web and especially the t-shirt space. They create a tremendous amount of vector artwork for purchase in their arsenal and share their wealth of knowledge in the t-shirt design community. Their GoMediaZine (regularly updated blog) is one of the top design destinations when it comes to artwork tutorials, design freebies, and template creation.

I was very pleased to see their presence on Vimeo because that means they don’t mind sharing their awesome videos with the rest of us. This video is how to create a realistic t-shirt mockup so you can properly display your wears across the web and in print. Watch and learn from the best:

How to Create Realistic T-Shirt Mockups from Go Media on Vimeo.

Tattoo Style Speed Painting by The T-Shirt Factory

Speed painting is an understatement with this video. The T-Shirt Factory Blog goes into hyper warp speed showing us just how the designer accomplishes the popular tattoo style of design being seen on the Ed Hardy tees everywhere.

It is pretty cool to get to see how he gets from start to finish and all of the edits in between. He begins with a very rough draft and then proceeds to refine the design until it becomes a work of art. The details are amazing. Very good job and thanks for sharing that with us!

Tattoo Style Speed Painting from Tshirt Factory on Vimeo.

4-Color Process Color Separations by Jimmy Heartcore

Why wait any longer to follow up our last video by Jimmy Heartcore and not just post the next one right after. These screencasts on how to separate colors in t-shirt artwork are top-notch professional grade quality. It is one that I have watched many times over and will continue to watch in the future as a brush-up.

Thanks Jimmy and we hope you have more to come.

4-Color Process Separations In Photoshop from Jimmy Heartcore on Vimeo.

How To Separate Spot Colors by Jimmy Heartcore

For the inaugural video post on You Design It TV, I am going to one of my faves. Jimmy Heartcore has two of the best screen printing artwork tutorials based on color separations on the web. You can bet that I will be posting the second one soon. High quality with a lot to learn, you can’t miss this one.

Spot Color Separations In Photoshop from Jimmy Heartcore on Vimeo.