NerdyShirts NerdyShort

Nerd T-Shirt site NerdyShirts just released their first ever nerdyshort, which is their way of saying a short video. This vid is pretty clever and a cheap but effective way to gain some attention. It looks like it was filmed in a Sam’s Wholesale/Costco type warehouse so there was no cost on the set either.

What kind of expensive video camera did they use? An iPhone. Ha! These guys are good. I wonder what is scheduled in the future for the next nerdyshort. We’ll be here to post it as soon as they do.

NerdyShort 1 from NerdyShirts on Vimeo.

Hide Your Arms Makes It Rain

As I was doing a little T-shirt video search across the various aggregate video sites, I came across a short video that was nothing like I was looking for.  I immediately recognized the guy in the video as Andy, the t-shirt blogging ninja from Hide Your Arms.  I am almost certain, if you have found this site, then you are well aware of his t-shirt blog.  It has been and still is one of the top destinations on the internet for t-shirt blogging.

I am sure that he did this for fun and it should put a little smile on your face for this Thursday afternoon.  The guy has so many t-shirts he can make it rain. :)

It’s Raining T-Shirts! from Andrew Bowness on Vimeo.

Nike’s New T-Shirt Gun

Leave it up to Nike to be absolutely over the top with the special effects.  This time they focused their efforts on some new t-shirt gun technology.  This commercial starts off with NFL superstar, Steven Jackson checking out a new shoe in a meeting with Nike’s product development.  Their meeting is interrupted by two Nike 6.0 snowboarders, Matt Ladley and Trevor Jacob.

These two clowns have futuristic t-shirt guns in their hands and are shooting each other with Nike sportswear t-shirts.  I don’t want to give away the punch line, so you just have to watch the video to see what happens when the t-shirts hit the person they were aimed at.

One of the Original T-Shirt Wearing Records

I know there have been similar videos since this one of people breaking the t-shirt wearing record. I think I remember seeing some 200+ shirts being worn by one person. I decided to post this one because of the originality and creativity. I will try and find the most worn in the future and post it to see the difference.

The end total weight was over 100 pounds of t-shirts ranging in size Small to 10XL. You could use that size for a bed sheet!