Benny Gold Has The Midas Touch

Everything this guy does looks gold, err…I mean good. Benny Gold, if you haven’t heard of him yet, is a very accomplished apparel designer living in California. He has done work for Nike, Huf, and others all while creating and growing his own brand appropriately named – Benny Gold. He has gotten big but the beauty of it is…he is still willing to design for the little guys if they have the vision and the right amount of bread.

This video of Benny Gold gives a little insight to what makes him go. He mentions how he breaks through a designer’s block with skateboarding and he gives a lot of credit to his alma mater – Savannah College of Art and Design. I am sure that they are equally as proud of him.

Shirt Fight Is Changing Their Biz Model

For those of you familiar with the t-shirt design contest site Shirt Fight, this may come as a little surprise to you. They recently announced that they are going to have one more contest and then they are completely changing their business model to no longer having contests. Is that the same thing as saying they will no longer having any Shirt Fights? I guess it is.

Not sure what their future holds but we will have to tune in to see. They seem to be excited about the new ideas they have and hopefully it will be a game changer. It will be neat to see something different in this space that hasn’t been done before. Check out the announcement via their YouTube t-shirt video here: