How To Zombify Your T-Shirt Design

Now I know that every video we do on here is supposed to be t-shirt related but this time, that is not the case. We came across a video of the “zombification” process by Shalimar Luis that we think is a must-see for all t-shirt designers. The zombie theme is as strong as ever and this video can help you sharpen that tool in your design toolbox.

Shalimar is a great designer and her portfolio proves that. Thanks for the help with the zombie style because we’ve always wondered the workflow on that design process.

How To Re-Fashion Old T-Shirts by Threadbanger

While there are a lot of things you can do with t-shirts when they have met their retirement, this has to be one of the coolest options. This is a way to turn an old tee into some pretty fancy gear. It appears pretty simple, as long as you have some intermediate skills with a sewing machine. It is brought to you by Threadbanger and these guys know a thing or two about sewing.

The basic premise is to cut out the design from one of your favorite tees and sew it on to a long sleeved button-down. Watch the video and see what ideas you can come up with for a t-shirt remix.

The Black Axe Masking Tutorial

I really can’t say enough about the peeps at the Black Axe and their design prowess. They just created a short video tutorial on a lesser known but extremely effective trick in Illustrator. It covers how to use masking and transparency so you can achieve more depth in your design. It is great for giving your art the appearance that it can move fluidly through each layer of the design from front to back.

I for one was very familiar with masking in Photoshop but had not seen a tutorial for this in Illustrator. It was a double whammy since it happens to be about t-shirt design. Way to go fellas, please keep them coming.

Masking & Transparency in Illustrator from The Black Axe on Vimeo.

How to Draw Snake Scales for a Tee Design

Drawing snake scales is not easy. I didn’t realize this until Derek of the Black Axe Blog did a video showing me just how hard it can be. Of course he makes it look real easy but I can see right through that. Just look at the rest of his design, it is phenomenal. Drawing the snake scales compared to the rest of the t-shirt design should be a walk in the park.  :)

It’s cool to see his design flow and process and you can gain insight to just how much work and time go into these tee designs. He makes a comment about the hours that go into each part of the design and you can just imagine how much time goes into the whole piece. Look at how many scales are on that bad boy!

How To Draw Snake Scales from The Black Axe on Vimeo.

How To Fold A T-Shirt Fast

I am still trying to bring you the classics in the beginning of You Design It TV because these are the videos that started making me aware of the need for t-shirt videos. The technique shown in this next video for t-shirt folding is pretty revolutionary in terms of time saved and consistency of the fold. The efficiency of mastering the process is full of awesomeness.

I will have to admit it took me a while to get it right but after the first successful attempt….it is like riding a bike. Go ahead and give it your all, just don’t expert to be a t-shirt folding ninja on the first try!