Somewhat Frank Tours Threadless’ Boulder Office

If you have been to this site before then you probable recognize Somewhat Frank from my last post if you didn’t already know him. My last post included his video tour of the t-shirt selling behemoth Threadless’ main Chicago headquarters. Not too long ago they branched out and opened a Boulder office and Frank made sure he checked it out as well.

Same theme here with the Threadless guys/gals showing us just how amazing they are not only on the web but at their offices too. They have been cutting edge on the online front and have made many of us drool over their working digs as well. Check out the Boulder office in the t-shirt video tour below: Boulder Office Visit from Frank Gruber on Vimeo.

Somewhat Franks Tours Threadless

Frank Gruber,  a very popular and authoritative web personality known for his broadcasts on Somewhat Frank, personally toured the Threadless warehouse in Chicago. You have probably seen one of these tours before because the skinnyCorp headquarters is legendary in the tech community. The employees at Threadless have a great time at work and all have very similar fun/joking personalities.

The video is inspiring for anyone in the t-shirt community because their meteoric rise to success has afforded them some awesome toys and opportunities. One of these perks would include an on-staff graffiti guy to create murals on their walls. *Note to self…gotta get one of those.